Alaska Health Insurance

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Alaska Health Insurance Plans

Alaska is one of the leading states of the U.S. that give due significance to public health funding and it has been consistently making effort to reduce the risk associated with its people’s health.

With a good and strong public health funding, this state has accessible health care insurance plans for majority of its residents. Though, currently the political focus is on individual health insurance coverage and Medicaid but still half of Alaskans receive their health insurance from their employers. Alaska health insurance sector includes several avenues through which families and individuals may purchase health plans. Residents of Alaska, who don’t have access to employer-sponsored coverage can shop for health plans in private marketplace and also through the federal marketplace exchange. Residents of Alaska without access to employer-sponsored health plans can shop for plans in the private marketplace and also through the federal marketplace exchange, as the state provides a range of benefits through diverse plans. Alaska is one of the states that opted to use the federal health insurance marketplace and has leave the marketplace responsibility in the hands of the federal government. If you are without insurance from your employer and looking for individual or family health insurance in Alaska then you must consider the whole range of insurance products available in the state in order to pick the best option for you. Those who are eligible can apply for public health plans like Medicaid and CHIP.

Highlights and Updates from Alaska Health Insurance Marketplace

  • Open enrollment period for the 2020 in Alaska is from November 1 to December 15, 2019.
  • Moda insurance carrier will rejoin the Alaska exchange for selling plans in 2020.
  • The premium rates has considerable dropped in the year 2019 after a sharp drop in 2018.
  • In Alaska thirteen private insurers offer Medigap plans and the state’s High Risk Pools offers Medigap coverage to those who aren’t eligible for private plans.
  • Residents of Alaska need a qualifying event to enroll if they try to enroll outside the open enrollment window.
  • Since 2017 Premera has been the sole insurance carrier in Alaska federal marketplace.
  • In Alaska short-term health plans may have initial terms of up to 364 days.

Alaska Individual health Insurance

Like most of other states, Alaska also have limited guaranteed access to individual health insurance. In order to find the best and affordable health insurance plan that fit your personal needs you need to carefully read and compare them. Individual plans in Alaska can count any condition for which you can receive advice, diagnosis or treatment in the individual coverage. Your premium amount of the plans will depend upon your health status and some of the plans even have eliminated riders for certain pre-existing conditions. The state has also guaranteed the renewal and you cannot be denied coverage in case if you become ill and all your premiums are paid. Individuals can also receive health insurance coverage through state’s income based health insurance programs offered by government subsidized programs. Alaska residents have three options for purchasing health insurance other than through employer or union plans:

  • Private Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance through Income Eligible Programs
  • Health Insurance through High Risk Pools

Short-term health insurance in Alaska

Since the state of Alaska does not have specific regulations in terms of short-term health insurance plans duration it follows federal new short-term rules. You can enroll in short-term plans with initial terms of up to 364 days that have a renew option of up to 36 months. The short-term plans in Alaska can be availed for as little as $50 a month. While the state has not mandated benefits or limit the duration or renew ability for short-term plans but there are some state-based rules which the short-term plans should follow. Some of such rules include:

  • Prompt payment of claims
  • Short-term plans rates and forms must be filled and approved by the Alaska Division of Insurance
  • 80th percentile rule for out-of-network providers

Insurers offering short-term plans in Alaska

Five insurance carriers have licensed and are allowed by the Alaska Division of Insurance to sell short-term plans in the state. Though, only Independence American Life is actively engaged in selling short-term plans but these plans can be sold by all these five carriers:

  • HCC Life Insurance Company
  • Independence American Life
  • National General (National Health Insurance Company)
  • Standard Security Life
  • United States Fire Insurance Company

Few websites that are dedicated for short term health insurance plans only have fixed indemnity plans, which is quite different from short-term health plans in terms of design. Though, both types of coverage are excepted benefits which means that they are not regulated by the ACA.

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