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Kentucky, due to the pastures of bluegrass found in the state is nicknamed as the Bluegrass State. The state is also known for its bourbon, famed horse racing and the ever so popular Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Kentucky state is at 42 spot in the state health rankings and so the residents of this state need to improve as far as their healthcare is concern. No doubt eating right and staying active are the two crucial steps of living a healthier life but along with these you also need to have a comprehensive health insurance plan, as it too plays a major role in your health and well being. With proper health insurance, you have access to primary care physicians and preventive services for little or no cost. If you are looking for best option to avail health insurance, then you need to know in detail about the complete enrollment procedures and also about the available health plan options. Initially Kentucky has its own exchange and enrollment site with the name Kynect that was considered as the most successful state-run exchange in the U.S. but later on was used for the enrollment, though this state technically still has a state-run exchange.

Highlights and Updates of Kentucky Health Insurance

  • Open enrollment period in Kentucky runs from November 1 to December 15, 2019 for 2020 coverage.
  • State operated exchange, Kynect was transitioned to in the fall of 2016.
  • To purchase ACA compliant coverage outside the enrollment period, you need to have a qualifying event.
  • In Kentucky short-term health plans are available for the initial plan terms of up to 364 days.
  • In 2020, two insurers Anthem and CareSource are offering health coverage in Kentucky’s individual market.
  • Health insurance premiums of Anthem increased by 9.7% in 2020 and CareSource premium decreased by 4.5%.
  • The health plan enrollment for the year 2019 was down by 4%
  • With CareSource expanding its coverage area for 2020, residents of all 56 counties of Kentucky will have the option to choose from both Anthem and CareSource.

Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans available in Kentucky

Even the young and healthy should have health insurance, as it is a means to protect you in an emergency, especially individuals who often need medicals services or if their families need regular care. Health insurance is the most viable option, as it saves them from financial turbulence in time of medical emergency. With different plan options available, you will often find deciding the right plan in Kentucky confusing. However, with the changing laws and rising healthcare cost you simply can’t afford to take chance with your as well as your family health. if you are looking for adequate health coverage then find below different Individual and Family health insurance options. These plans may be purchased through private providers or by providers operating in Kentucky through the state exchange.

Fee-For-Service (FFS) Plan

It is a type of Individual and Family Health Plan in which you have the freedom to choose a doctor of your choice to receive healthcare and then the claim amount is filed either by you or your health care provider. You need to first pay to the medical professionals from your own pocket and then you can file the paperwork with their insurer to claim for the paid amount. No doubt, this plan is most expensive, especially if you seek coverage outside of an employer’s plan but is also exceptionally convenient. Like all other plans, this plan also require you to pay co payments and deductibles, amount of which vary depending upon the plan coverage and premium rates in your state.


With HMO’s plan your healthcare is limited to the doctors, clinics and hospitals within the HMO’s network. You will require a referral before seeing a specialists or other health care professionals. In this plan you need to choose a primary care physician to obtain health care and you won’t be covered if you go outside the network except for the medical emergencies.

Preferred Provider Organization

In PPO plan you will not require a primary care physician and can visit any health care professional of your choice. Though by staying inside the network you will have lower out-of-pocket costs in terms of deductibles and co-pays. In this plan you will not require a referral before seeing a specialist, however you do require prior approval for certain expensive healthcare services.

Point of Service (POS) plans

POS plans have qualities of both HMO and PPO plans. The benefits of this plan depend on whether you receive care within or outside the network of providers. You need to choose your primary care doctors to obtain healthcare and you will also require a referral to visit specialist when needed.

Flexible Spending Accounts

As per the Affordable Care Act provisions, you can make tax-free contributions of up to $2,500 per year to this Flexible Spending Accounts, which can be used for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses that are not covered by your health insurance plan. However, to qualify for the tax deduction, you need to obtain a prescription for over-the-counter items and submit an itemized receipt.

Short Term Health Insurance in Kentucky

For short-term health insurance, Kentucky defaults to the federal guidelines and as per the new federal rules, short-term plans are now available for the initial terms of up to 364 days with the total duration of up to three years. There are variety of state benefit mandates that apply to short-term plans like insurers have to make renewability provisions clear to customers. Short term plans are offered in Kentucky by at-least ten insurers. This plan is also known as temporary health insurance coverage and provides comprehensive benefits coverage for physician visits, in-hospital care, urgent care facility visits along with much more services. The short-term plans are ideal for you if you are between jobs or want a minimal health insurance plan, as these plans have restricted coverage and lower premiums. These plans can be used alongside other supplemental insurance like hospital plan or dental plan and are considered best options for unemployed, young adult, individuals who prefer non-Obamacare options and retired but not yet Medicare eligible seniors.

Dental Insurance in Kentucky

If you don’t have dental insurance included in your Affordable Care Act plan then you should think of getting a dental plan, as maintaining a good oral health is essential for your overall health. Dental plans are essential to cover routine cleanings and exams and these plans also help you gain access to benefits that allow you pay for unforeseen dental care like fillings or crowns. Obtaining dental insurance plan in Kentucky is a good idea to avoid paying out-of-pocket for a major dental procedure like root canal. Dental plans in Kentucky basically cover four categories of services, preventive, diagnostic, basic and major dental care. Though plans available for individuals vary and you need to read the plan details carefully because coverage and benefits vary depending upon the plan you have selected and the area where you live. There are three types of dental insurance plans available in Kentucky, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Indemnity and Dental Discount plans.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance plans are available in Kentucky, which you can add in your existing health plans to save your large out-of-pocket expenses. These plans provide coverage for services related to the care and treatment of the eyes and usually covers services rendered by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. The coverage and benefits vary from one vision plan to another. Some of the vision plans cover yearly eye exams, contact lenses and fitting, glaucoma screening and some plans even have extensive coverage like certain eye surgeries. Even if you feel that your eyes and sight are healthy then also you should obtain a vision insurance plan. If you have vision insurance and you use a provider within your network then you can save your expenses and most of the vision plans also allow you to choose an optometrist or ophthalmologist of your choice.

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