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Best Health Insurance Plans North Carolina

If you’re searching for affordable and benefit oriented health insurance plans in North Carolina, this short reckoner will tender you a helping hand. You can enroll for the 2020 coverage in the state from November 1, 2019 to December 15, 2019. If you’re looking for short-term health plans in the state, you can purchase one with initial plan terms up to 364 days.

North Carolina health insurance marketplace offers a wide range of insurance plans and riders if you’re self-employed or without insurance from your employer. As of now three insurers are offering 2019 coverage through the North Carolina exchange. Now Bright Health will join the North Carolina exchange in 2020 with plans expanded in the Charlotte and Winston-Salem areas. Till date, about 501,000 North Carolina residents enrolled in 2019 coverage through the exchange.

Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans:

You can buy individual or family health insurance plans in North Carolina, you need to be self-employed or without any group plan from the employer. These plans are handy if your existing health plans have high premiums. Following are the best health insurance plans in North Carolina you can buy to secure your beloved one’s health.

Short term health insurance:

These are flexible health insurance plans underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company. Short term health insurance is probably the great deal if you didn’t apply for Affordable Care Act (ACA) and you don’t qualify for Special Enrollment either. If your ACA coverage is yet to start, you can go for short term health insurance in North Carolina.

In North Carolina North Carolina, short term health insurance plans are available for up to 12 months. These plans can be renewed for up to 36 months. In the state, short term health insurance is backed by federal regulations. However, some private insurers as well apply their own regulations for these plans.

Dental Health Insurance Plans:

Dental insurance plans in North Carolina are designed to offer health coverage for common dental care issues. They offer you financial aid for dental health care services at all levels whether preventive, basic and major. In the state, dental insurance plans are underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company. They are best fit for all your dental coverage needs.

These convenient and flexible dental insurance plans offer budget for preventive care like routine cleanings and fluoride treatments without any deductibles or waiting period. Moreover, you can get budget for fillings or emergency treatment for dental pain and major services like retainers and root canals. Major services are subject to the plan’s deductible and waiting periods. The plan comes without any age restriction at all.

Vision Health Insurance Plans:

Vision insurance plans in the state are designed to help beneficiary with budget for ongoing vision care expenses such as routine eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses. North Carolina vision insurance is underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company that provides coverage for people of all ages without any waiting period. These plans are accepted by a national network of vision service and eyewear providers across the state.

In North Carolina, you can buy vision insurance in two ways. You can buy the plan as standalone vision insurance. It carries great benefits and more flexibility to choose glasses, contacts or both.
Another way in which plan is offered is a dental and vision insurance combo. You can add vision insurance rider to your dental insurance plan. The rider gives you access to vision care plan benefits like routine eye exams, allowances for prescription glasses and contacts.

Term Life Insurance:

Term insurance plans in the state allow lump sum monetary compensation to your dependents if you meet an unfortunate death. In North Carolina, term life insurance plans are underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company. The plan comes with a Critical Illness Benefit as well. The rider offers beneficiaries cash benefits if or she is diagnosed with a qualifying illness or death.

You can choose from multiple terms and benefit levels if heading for term plan. You needn’t to go with any medical examination for subscribing the plan. Moreover, you’re eligible for coverage until age 75.

Hospital and doctor indemnity insurance:

Hospital and doctor fixed indemnity insurance is also known as fixed-benefit insurance or fee for service insurance. Such insurance pays off fixed amount of money for specific services that your plan covers. You may this insurance for prescription drug copays or to pay your share of lab or diagnostic costs, like for blood tests or X-rays etc.

Hospital and doctor fixed indemnity insurance is handy in case you have to pay medical bills that are going out of budget. The plan is under by Golden Rule Insurance Company that allows you to pay preset benefit amount to meet unforeseen medical cost.

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